An Introduction to Rounded Investor

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Hello there!

Welcome to Rounded Investor - a blog on investing, written by two individuals who are curious about capital markets and wealth creation. The reason we started penning our thoughts down is because we see value in putting out quality content for everyone to read given the dearth of content in the form of blogs or subscriptions on investing - lol jk, we know such blogs are dime a dozen. The actual reason we decided to start writing, who we are and the kind of content a reader can hope to see from us is what we'll be covering in this post.

Who is Rounded Investor?

We are a team of two who have a fascination with investing and enjoy spending our time reading about the market, analyzing companies and learning about wealth creation. We are continuously learning and unlearning, we are constantly refining our processes and we are always on the lookout for steps we can take to better our investment performance. We are truly passionate about investing to a point where left to our own devices we’d rather spend our time researching the next opportunity than doing anything else - and that's about all you guys should genuinely care about.

We strongly believe that the characteristics that lead to success in investing are captured above and one's educational background has little role to play in the long run. Don’t take our word for it, here are a few real life examples:

  • Peter Lynch studied History and Psychology before he started working with Fidelity as an analyst. Lynch later went to Wharton to get his MBA, but in One Up on Wall Street talks about picking investment ideas based on common sense, not based on anything fancy taught at prestigious business schools.

  • George Soros studied Philosophy

  • Charlie Munger studied law

  • In the Indian context, the greatest investor and probably the greatest businessman of our times, Radhakishan Damani, is a college dropout.

The list goes on and on. Frankly, all one needs is perseverance, patience and the right mental fortitude.

Why Rounded Investor?

Being enthusiastic about investing and reading about the craft, how the business environment is shaping and how others are generating alpha is a continuous process. We’ve noted that majority of content that is posted on social media around investing and wealth creation is posted by investment advisors and PMS services who via their content market their own services as the route to Eden; while there is nothing explicitly wrong with this and such content does increase awareness about the investment strategy followed by a PMS service/investment advisor, it adds to the noise that an investor is exposed to in terms of contradictory theses and strategies for wealth creation.

While there is no denying that the explosion of the aforementioned content has democratized access to knowledge, it has exposed the average Joe to a plethora of contradictory opinions which all seem to make sense when documented lucidly by their proponents. Ray Dalio and Howard Marks in their newsletters will ask you to look at the macro picture and cycles while Warren Buffet will rubbish the macro in favor of the micro; similarly in India “value” focused funds will espouse the benefits of investing in stocks that trade below their intrinsic value while others will sing praises of investing in industry leaders with competitive advantages regardless of conventional valuation indications. Add to this the thousands of books you’ll find on trading stocks, investing in stocks for the long haul, investing in commodities, investing in real estate, using value, growth or momentum as an investment strategy, investing in alternative assets and other bizarre ideas like investing in crypto and you’ve managed to intimidate yourself before you’ve even started.

In such a scenario where every manager, academic or author blows their own trumpet and proclaims their strategy to be the true path to value creation we understand how frustrating it can be to navigate capital deployment. We know this because over the past 5 years we’ve grappled with and continue to grapple with similar dilemmas from time to time. Our experiences absorbing these opinions and strategies and deploying our personal capital has given us a framework that we seek to document and share via the medium of this blog.

Charlie Munger once said “Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the result” - well, our selfish incentive is that we get to document insights we glean as we read and seek to expand our knowledge base; this personally results in better retention for us, development of a concrete, dynamic framework that constantly absorbs new information and engagement with a set of investors who can help us along our journey in the search of the holy grail – low risk, high growth returns. The fact that knowledge is gained most when shared is not lost on us and our end goal is to publish our thoughts regularly so we end up smarter than we were yesterday. Additionally, having all our thoughts documented in one place as a ready reckoner for our investing processes sounds like a good idea for everyone - us, the experienced investor and anyone who is just starting out.

What is Rounded Investor?

While the “Why” and "Who" above were much simpler to document given our pure and noble motives (gotcha - jk again), the what is much harder because the honest answer would be - we don’t know what form (audio/visual/text) we want to restrict our content to. Our initial idea of a blog + subscription serves our current purpose. However, once we have enough content that we believe can add substantial value to an investor, what this content morphs into and other alternative mediums we might explore to achieve our long term vision remains a moving goalpost at this point.

For the time being as we’ve brainstormed potential future trajectories for our endeavor we have created two deliverables for ourselves, these are as follows:

Deliverable 1: Fortnightly insights into new developments, interesting ideas and themes that we read and come across as we continue to build upon our knowledge.
Deliverable 2: An honest exploration of new or timeless ideas and mental models that can be utilized to invest money.

Our long term vision is as follows:

“Build a repository that has sufficient thoughtful content which equips investors with a compass to navigate financial markets and create wealth in the long term.”

As we set out to deliver on the above we are wary of the wasteland of failed substack subscriptions and blogs that never progressed beyond the first post and are hopeful that we are able to deliver on our lofty vision and can successfully provide readers with a no bullshit, simplistic lens to navigate the investment horizons.

See you soon! Do subscribe to our blog via the link below if you found this post interesting.